Thoughts about thinking by Matthew du Plessis. Chapter 1. All you have to do is think, once you begin to understand that your thoughts are objects you will understand. Thinking is the secret key to the gates of the secret kingdom the secret kingdom is your mind and the key is your thoughts. You are able to think thoughts and these will open the kingdom and you can think thoughts which will close the kingdom. He who thinks can think himself into the kingdom. The kingdom within your mind is a great kingdom. You will find great solitude into the kingdom. The mind is all you need to care for. Here is a simple fomular you can practice. I now awaken to the kingdom with in my mind this kingdom is a kingdom which I as the cherised child of the celestial wisdom have divine right to it. I have faith that this mental kingdom is filled with wisdom and love and riches. I enter this kingdom with the key which is my thought. I trust that I will be able to think the thought which will allow me to enter into the kingdom and remain in the kingdom for this is the only way. The celestial wisdom which is greater than I yet I am made from the same substance as this celestial wisdom. This substance is a formless substance. With my thoughts I will form the object within my mind and find all I need in this kingdom. The kingdom is my mind and the key is my thoughts. I dwell upon peace and peace I find. I think love and love is mine. I think riches and what I desire I have time. Through desire I gain what I want. Through desire is the first form of mental objectification which you will use to control your thinking. Thought control through the abilitiy to think what you want is the ultimate aim. Than you can think the thoughts you choose to. The man who is not able to think has a great advantage over the man whose thinking is chaotic. You can not have many thoughts you must think about what you desire as this is the best way to keep it in mind. I see a rich man and the thought of wealth is sent to my mind, see the rich man I think about riches and feel good. I avoid sight from the begger for it makes me think poor. Well now that we know this we know that we must think wealth and riches all the time. I keep my eyes on peace and war avoids me. With my thoughts I win and with my thoughts I lose. So we must streatgehn oiur thouughts through the belief that our thoughts are sent through by the ultimate power. This ultimate power is within our minds.